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Classes and Clinics

Free Saturday Morning Tying Clinics

The Laughing Grizzly presents a fly tying clinic every Saturday from fall through spring from 10:00 - 12:00 featuring tyers from around the area- some well-known and some not as well-known, but all have fly patterns, tying techniques and fishing tips that will help you become a better fly fisher and fly tyer. We serve coffee and donuts- it's a great way to start the weekend. Check back for schedule updates.

In addition to the tyers shown below, we are working with other presenters to fill out the schedule. If you are on our e-mail list, you'll receive a note each week announcing the Saturday program. If you know of a tyer you'd like to see us feature, let us know.

Date Presenter Notes
10/22/16 Dick Shinton Dick will tie a variety of patterns, some old, some new, and probably a couple of surprises.
10/29/16 Rick Takahashi Rick is working on a new book- Gee, that's a surprise! Rick is a precise tyer with many original ideas. His tying style is based on the Japanese concept of shibui, a design aesthetic based on simple, subtle beauty. Every one of his flies is a miniature work of art.
11/5/16 Robby Cribbs Robby is an excellent fly fisherman, guide and fly tyer. He's new to our Saturday morning clinic series, but we expect him to be a part of the Laughing Grizzly for a long time to come.

Theo Anest

Theo Anest is a former fly shop owner and guide. He'll tie up some of his favorite patterns for Wyoming's North Platte River, where he fishes and guides. This will be Theo's first clinic at the Laughing Grizzly, so come on in and help us welcome him.
11/19/16 Chuck Esch This will be Chuck's first clinic at the Laughing Grizzly. We've seen him tie at other events and we've been impressed. Chuck will tie a variety of patterns from his wide repertoire.
11/26/16 Josh Rickard Josh is our local bug guy, and his presentations usually include some info on local insect populations that the trout love to eat, and flies that represent them. He's a big proponent of "Confidence Patterns"- flies that you rely on to catch most of your fish most of the time. Josh will focus on flies for high altitude lakes, since he's become a serious trail runner last summer, with a best time of 40 minutes from the Fern Lake Trailhead to the lake.
12/3/16 Marty Staab Marty is a customer favorite at the Laughing Grizzly. His sense of humor is infectious, and his knowledge of fly patterns and styles is voluminous. Marty is a meticulous tyer of beautiful flies.
12/10/16 Dave Mosnik Dave fishes a lot of lakes for both warm and cold water species, so we bet some of his patterns will be for lakes. He is the master of the woolly bugger, but we're betting he has more up his sleeves for us.
12/17/16 YOU It has become a custom here at the Laughing Grizzly to invite our customers to show off their skills and ideas during the holiday season. You can use your own vise and tools or use ours- just be prepared to demonstrate the materials and tying steps, and describe how, when and where you fish it.
12/24/16 No Clinic
12/31/16 No Clinic
1/7/16 Joe Johnson The Laughing Grizzly's own Joe Johnson will tie his usual bunch of fish-catching fly patterns. Joe's flies have been featured in the End of the Line page in Fly Fusion magazine and in several books, including Pat Dorsey's newest, Colorado Guide Flies.
1/14/16 Barbara Luneau Barbara is an angler and fly tyer of many talents. She has fished all over the western US and many saltwater venues around the world as well. Barbara is an avid Tenkara angler in addition to her traditional angling skillos. She'll tie some of her favorite patterns.
1/21/17 Mark Rayman Mark always exclaims "Done" at the end of tying a fly. His specialty is easy-to-tie flies that really work. He regularly fishes for carp, trout, bonefish, permit, redfish, bass and other stuff most of us probably never heard of, and he knows or has invented fly patterns that will catch 'em all. Little known fact: Mark also plays the tuba, and played in the Nebraska University marching band during his college days, but we won't hold that against him
1/28/17 Chris Krueger Chris is a prolific fly designer, and we've heard a lot of feedback from customers that some of the flies he demo'd in past seasons were great producers. He's got a terrific YouTube channel- Rocky Mountain Fly Design. It's got great fly tying videos, and Chris is an outstanding teacher.

No Clinic

The SVATU Fly Tying Expo will feature many of the tyers that appear at the Laughing Grizzly, including Rick Takahashi, Pat Dorsey, Al Ritt and more. It will be held at the Longmont American Legion, 315 S Bowen Street from 10:00-2:00. Admission is $20 and includes lunch and raffle tickets.
2/11/17 John Majerus John is another Laughing Grizzly regular who always impresses with his ingenuity and fine tying skills. He has been guiding for the Laughing Grizzly the past two seasons, and his teaching and customer service skills are a great addition to our expert guide staff.
2/18/17 Al Ritt Al is not only a great fly designer, tyer and teacher, he's branching out in other aspects of fly fishing as well. His book, 25 Best Most Versatile Flies, was published last year. Al is Fly Tying Editor of Fly Fusion magazine. He also appears as a featured celebrity tyer at shows all over North America, so we're lucky he found time for us.


Connor Murphy Connor Murphy first tied for the Laughing Grizzly when he was only about 15; many of you will remember him. Well, now he is a senior at CSU and even more talented and well-rounded as a fisherman and fly tyer. We're sure you'll be impressed with Connor's work.
3/4/17 Mark McMillan Mark is known especially for his use of non-traditional tying materials, but lately he's gone back to his roots and more standard patterns and materials. He always wows us with his unique patterns and techniques.
3/11/17 Pat Dorsey  Pat is arguably Colorado's best known author, guide and tailwater expert, with a national reputation and following. He will be signing copies of his latest book, Colorado Guide Flies. We'll have copies available for purchase, or bring your own. We don't know about you, but we don't fish anywhere without a bunch of Pat's patterns in our fly boxes.
3/18/17 Tim Drummond It's been quite a while since Tim has tied at the Laughing Grizzly and we're glad to get him back. Since his last demo, Tim has become a fly designer for Umpqua. His Water Boatman has been drawing a lot of attention lately, as are his other patterns. Let's see what Tim has up his sleeve for us this time.
3/25/17 Carl Pennington Carl has become a regular tyer here at the Laughing Grizzly. We were successful in scheduling him his again is year. Carl is a meticulous tyer with many effective patterns. He has been a regular tyer at the Denver Fly Fishing Show and other venues for several years.
4/1/17 Austin Manthey Austin Manthey is another tyer appearing at the Laughing Grizzly for the first time. Not long out of high school, Austin is a fine fisherman, fly tyer and guide. We've seen him tie at several events elsewhere, and we were eager to find a date for him this season.
4/8/17 Phil Iwane Phil has been fishing all his life, but only came to fly fishing and tying about 20 years ago. Phil approaches each fly as a work of art, and describes both fly fishing and fly tying as Zen-like experiences. He enjoys teaching and sharing his techniques and patterns, and he'll tie his favorites in this clinic. Phil has tied at all the local tying venues including the  Denver Fly Fishing Show, the West Denver TU Expo and many others.
4/15/17 Dennis Martin Dennis has tied each year for the past six, and has impressed us with his fine dries, nymphs and midges for trout fishing. Since he also fishes a lot for warm water species, Dennis will share his favorites for those fish as well.