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Classes and Clinics

Free Saturday Morning Tying Clinics

The Laughing Grizzly presents a fly tying clinic every Saturday from fall through spring from 10:00 - 12:00 featuring tyers from around the area- some well-known and some not as well-known, but all have fly patterns, tying techniques and fishing tips that will help you become a better fly fisher and fly tyer. We serve coffee and donuts- it's a great way to start the weekend. Check back for schedule updates.

In addition to the tyers shown below, we are working with other presenters to fill out the schedule. If you are on our e-mail list, you'll receive a note each week announcing the Saturday program. If you know of a tyer you'd like to see us feature, let us know.

Date Presenter Notes
10/20/18 Dick Shinton Since the winter and spring tailwater midge and BWO season is just around the corner, Dick will tie some of his favorite tailwater fly patterns. Dick is our in-house tying instructor, and has tied at shops and expos around the area, including the SVATU Expo, the West Denver TU Expo, and most recently at the FFI Fly Fishing Expo in Montrose. His flies have been included in several books.
10/27/18 Marty Staab Marty is a regular at the Laughing Grizzly, and we're always Happy to have him back. With his great sense of humor, his outstanding tying skills and his encyclopedic knowledge of fly patterns, you're sure to learn a lot from Marty's presentation.
11/3/18 Jason Haddix This is the first time Jason has tied at the Laughing Grizzly, but he has appeared at other shops in the area, the Denver Fly Fishing Show and other events and expos in the Denver area. Jason is a master of the big streamer, but he'll show us a little of everything from small flies and soft hackles to leeches and streamers in his Laughing Grizzly debut.
11/10/18 Steve Rogers Steve is new to our Laughing Grizzly fly tying demo series this year. We met him at last year's SVATU Expo, and he asked to be part of our shop demos. He's tied at the Denver Fly Fishing Show as well. Steve started tying at 13, and has become a self-proclaimed streamer junkie, with the scars to prove it. He'll tie a variety of local patterns from midges to streamers.
11/17/18 TBD
11/24/18 Tom Ziegler Tom Ziegler is another new tyer in our Saturday morning tying clinic series. He has tied at the SVATU Expo, and we were impressed with his flies. We'll post more as soon as we know more about his program.
12/1/18 Kiefer Stumpp Kiefer is an inventive and prolific young tyer, and a skilled fly fisher. He's fished all over Colorado and some on the East coast as well, and has been successful everywhere. Kiefer is back by popular demand- attendees at his demos have drawn a lot of compliments. Kiefer has tied at the West Denver Fly Tying Expo and the SVATU Fly Tying Expo.
12/8/18 Eric Pettine Eric is not only a fine tyer, he is a raconteur with many funny stories, He's tied at shows and clinics around the West, and he's been a regular here at the Laughing Grizzly for several years. His flies a very precise, and they certainly catch fish. Eric has also guided extensively around Colorado, and has appeared in videos and on the radio.
12/15/18 Tony McColl Tony is another new face in our Saturday morning demo series. He is another one of the lesser known, but terrific, tyers that we are blessed with in Northern Colorado. He's tied at shops and tying expos in the area. You're sure to enjoy Tony's tying.
12/22/18 No Clinic
12/29/18 No Clinic
1/5/19 No Clinic
1/12/19 John Majerus John has tied here at the Laughing Grizzly every year that we've had a clinic program. He guides for the Laughing Grizzly and ties quite a few flies for the bins in the shop. In addition to his broad knowledge of standard patterns, John has designed quite a few effective patterns of his own. As a long-time professional production tyer, John has developed a lot of tips and tricks that make your tying more efficient that he'll share with us.
1/19/19 Al Ritt Al is a great fly designer, tyer and teacher, and heads the Laughing Grizzly fly tying club. His book, 25 Best Most Versatile Flies, was published a couple of years ago, and he continues to write articles for the fly fishing and tying press. Al is Fly Tying Editor of Fly Fusion magazine. He also appears as a featured celebrity tyer at shows all over North America, so we're lucky he found time for us. Al recently completed all three levels of the FFI Fly Tying Awards Program, a huge honor.
1/26/19 Carl Pennington Carl has become a regular tyer here at the Laughing Grizzly. We were successful in scheduling him his again is year. Carl is a meticulous tyer with many effective patterns. He has been a regular tyer at the Denver Fly Fishing Show and other venues for several years. He is also a contract fly designer for Montana Fly Company.

No Clinic

Most of the tyers in our series participate in this terrific event, plus others that we don't usually get to see in the shop.
2/9/19 Chuck Esch This will be Chuck's third clinic at the Laughing Grizzly. He will tie a variety of patterns from his wide repertoire. Chuck ties at many venues in the area, including the SVATU Expo. His fly boxes are a wonder of organization.
2/16/19 Phil Iwane Phil approaches each fly as a work of art, and describes both fly fishing and fly tying as Zen-like experiences. He enjoys teaching and sharing his techniques and patterns, and he'll tie his favorites in this clinic. His Iwane Dun fly pattern was recently added to the Umpqua fly catalog. Phil has tied at all the local tying venues including the Denver Fly Fishing Show, the West Denver TU Expo and many others.


Chris Krueger Chris is one of the most prolific fly designers in our area. It seems like he produces a new pattern every week. Many of his patterns are produced by Montana Fly Company. From the tiny Dark Knight Riser midge to his chunky Darth Invader streamer, Chris's flies have you covered. Chris is a featured tyer at fly shops, the West Denver Fly Tying Expo. the St Vrain Anglers' TU Fly Tying Expo, the Rocky Mountain Flycasters' TU Fly Tying Expo, the Denver Fly Fishing Show and more.
3/2/19 Rick Takahashi Rick is a precise tyer with many original ideas. His tying style is based on the Japanese concept of shibui, a design aesthetic based on simple, subtle beauty. Every one of his flies is a miniature work of art. Rick has tied at all the local tying venues including the Denver Fly Fishing Show, the West Denver TU Expo and many others. Rick's new book, The Fly Tying Artist, will be available for purchase and autographing.
3/9/19 Dennis Martin Dennis has tied at the Laughing Grizzly almost every year for the past seven, and has impressed us with his fine dries, nymphs and midges for trout fishing. Since he also fishes a lot for warm water species, Dennis will share his favorites for those fish as well.
3/16/19 Dave Mosnick Dave fishes a lot of lakes for both warm and cold water species, so we bet some of his patterns will be for lakes. He is the master of the woolly bugger and its many variants, but we're betting he has more up his sleeves for us.
3/23/19 Duane Redford Duane has guided in Colorado for quite a few years, mostly on the South Platte in the past, but on the Eagle River for the past few years. His clients give Duane rave reviews. He is the author of two noted books, The Fly Fishers Playbook and Hidden in Plain View. Duane will make a presentation based on his books outlining his successful fishing methods and will spin up a few of his signature flies.
3/30/19 Pat Dorsey Pat needs little introduction to fly fishers and tyers. His fly patterns are effective, his knowledge of the South Platte system and western tailwaters in general is unexcelled, and his guiding expertise is proclaimed far and wide. On top of all that, Pat ois a down to earth nice guy who loves to share his knowledge. He has a new book in the works, and we'll have it available for you to buy and have autographed.
4/6/19 TBD