Laughing Grizzly Offers Classes
Through Longmont Recreation Services

The Laughing Grizzly has teamed up with the City of Longmont Recreation Department to offer a variety of fly fishing classes.
You must register through the City of Longmont Recreation Services; in person at the St Vrain Memorial Center at Roosevelt Park, 700 Longs Peak Ave, or online at

Fishing for Trout: What Fly Do I Use?
Knowing what fly to use is a critical part of becoming a successful fly angler. This class covers aquatic insect lifecycles, aquatic insect hatches, and basic fishing setups for nymphing, dry fly fishing and dry/dropper rigs.

Fly Fishing in Colorado

Learn about fly fishing venues around Colorado. Content covers fishing locations, including rivers, streams, tailwaters and lakes, around the state with an emphasis on trout fishing. We'll also discuss basic equipment, fish species and useful fly patterns.