Guided Trip Notes

What's Included
Four- and 6-hour trips include beverages and snacks; 8-hour trips include lunch. Waders, boots, rod and reel, are available for $15 if you do not have your own. Your trip time does not include travel time- a four hour trip means four hours on the water, so plan on travel to and from the fishing location as part of the outing. You need a Colorado fishing license, available at the shop. You will need to pay the Rocky Mountain National Park entry fee or use a RMNP or other National Parks Pass, good for up to three people in one vehicle. You do not need a RMNP reservation to enter the Park for a guided trip.

A Typical Trip
If you are a less experienced fly fisher, your guide will start your trip with a casting lesson and practice. Once on the water, your guide will demonstrate basic line management and fishing techniques. One of our goals is to enable you to take what you have learned with us to other waters. If you are a more experienced angler, be sure to discuss with your guide how you'd like to work together and what your goals are. At the end of the day, we'll return to the shop, if necessary, to settle up any remaining charges or fees.

Your Expectations
Let your guide know what you want to accomplish (besides catching fish, of course!) during your trip. Just ask, and we'll do our best to help meet your needs. In addition to instruction, your guide will typically rig your rod, check your leader, add tippet, tie on your flies, and do all the little things that make your trip more enjoyable. Let your guide know if you'd rather handle these tasks yourself. While our streams, rivers and lakes hold plenty of fish, they don't always cooperate. Fishing is subject to lots of variables that aren't under our control. If it's one of those days, take a look around at our beautiful Colorado scenery, take a deep breath of fresh mountain air, and take home some magnificent memories of your trip.

Our Expectations
We practice catch and release fishing with barbless hooks. It is our objective to handle fish gently and return them to the water as quickly as possible. We teach and practice ethical and courteous fishing methods. We do not allow the consumption of alcohol or illegal substances (including marijuana, even though it's legal in Colorado) during trips. If you smoke, please do so responsibly.

What to Bring

Safety is a primary concern. Let us know if you have any medical, dietary or other conditions that could affect your trip. All of our guides are CPR and First Aid certified. Most of our trips are in Rocky Mountain National Park. The altitude in the Park ranges from about 9000 feet to over 14000 feet. Weather conditions are highly variable. It is your guide's call as to whether to end a trip early or change locations because of any safety concern related to weather or other conditions.

Tipping your guide is traditional. Your guide provides everything for the trip out of his/her own pocket: the beverages, snacks, lunch (if provided), basic supplies including flies, and the gas to get you there and back. You can tip in cash, or we can add it to your credit card if you prefer; about 20% of the trip fee is typical. If your expectations have not been met, please let your guide and shop staff know about it.